Lover of cinema, music and technology. Professional in the world of audiovisual communication with long experience in the production of all types of content and associate professor in the Department of Advertising, Public Relations and Audiovisual Communication at the UAB. That is why I have always experimented with audiovisual language, with the script, in filming, editing, post-production, and with all the tools that the progress of digital technology gives us, I have been looking for new ways of expressing feelings and feelings using all the artistic and technical resources that we have at our disposal. I am passionate about new technologies and for years I have also experimented and taken risks with new technology, that is why I was a pioneer in filming in HD 1,080 (the first video clip shot in Spain with this technology), in stereoscopic 3D filming (first video clip in the world shot entirely in 3Ds), in doing the first demo projection in 2K and now I continue to experiment with future technological innovations. I have made video clips for the most notorious artists in our country and co-directed (together with Abel Folk) three fiction feature films: “XTREMS”, “DESCLASSIFIED” and “EL CRÉDITO”. Xtrems has been selected in 11 festivals around the world and Declassified is a TVmovie that has received four awards in Houston, among them the special jury award and the best actress award, El Crédito is pending release.