Mar i cel – 40 años – campaña publicidad y viral

Realization of the commercial spot of the play and a viral action where the actors did surprise actions in the subway and in a shopping center where they ended up performing the main themes of the musical with a large orchestra. Action that had a lot of repercussion in the media and a success of the public who could see – and suffered – the consequences of seeing their pirate idols up close.

25 anys d’Adetca

ADETCA (Association of Theater Companies of Catalonia) commissioned me this video to celebrate its 25th anniversary of World Theater Day on March 27, 2017, where numerous actors, actresses, communicators, technicians, entertainment workers, politicians … They present a common manifesto saying, each one, a sentence, placing the points on the i’s to all the deficiencies. A very interesting declaration of principles, duties and rights. A video that had, and continues to have, a lot of diffusion in defense of theater in these difficult moments of crisis that we are experiencing in the world of culture.


I do not have enough words of gratitude to Karin and Leopoldo for the opportunity they offered me: to work alongside them for more than 9 years in the development and implementation of the Freixenet campaigns. There were 9 spots, each with its peculiarities: great artists, with the spirit of the bubbles that Leopoldo invented in the sixties, with an unusual duration of broadcast, with the air of spectacle and Christmas spirit. My task was to be with Leopoldo and Karin helping them from the creation, preparation, filming and even all the post-production to the presentation of the final result in the press. I was able to work with artists of international stature both from film, dance or music such | …

Fes-la Brillant | Catalunya aixeca el teló

Promotional video of the Catalan theater with the intervention of all the companies that performed the 2013/14 season. Fes-la Brillant (Make it Bright) is an adaptation by Joan Vives of the famous song Always Look on the Bright Side of Life where each company performs a fragment. The end result is the participation of more than 300 well-known actors and a great promotion of the theater that takes place in Catalonia.

Catalunya Aixeca el teló TNC

Direction of the show Catalunya Aixeca el Teló and production of all audiovisual content presented by Mag Lari and Mònica Pérez and with the participation of 400 actors from the entire Catalan cast. The proposal was to do a mapping, a lipdub and a flashmov in the same show with the participation of the entire audience. It was broadcast live on TV3 obtaining an exceptional audience result.