Gaudí-Güell, un projecte comú

In 1878, at the Universal Exposition in Paris, a display case, made by Gaudí commissioned by the glove merchant Esteve Comella, was presented and was awarded the silver medal. Eusebi Güell was impressed when he saw her and, once in Barcelona, ​​he asked to be introduced to the author of that marvel, Gaudí.

The relationship between Gaudí and Eusebi Güell, which began then, was not only a relationship between a client and an architect, but became a relationship of mutual admiration and shared hobbies. Güell understood the meaning of Gaudí’s architecture and gave him the opportunity to start his professional career, to develop the talent and artistic qualities he had.

Thus, between Güell and Gaudí, a friendship was woven that made possible the realization of a series of architectural and artistic projects full of constructive innovations and creative symbolism: Park Güell, the crypt of the Colonia Güell church, etc.

The Palau Güell could also become a reality thanks to the trust and admiration that Eusebi Güell felt for the talent of Antoni Gaudí.

At the end of their lives, Güell and Gaudí lived in Park Güell: Eusebi Güell in the farmhouse at the entrance of the urbanization, approximately from 1910, the year in which he left Palau Güell and moved, and until 1918, the year in who died. Antoni Gaudí bought one of the only two houses that were ever built in Park Güell and lived until he moved to his workroom in the Sagrada Familia.

This film is about their relationship, narrated in 4 very different eras: youth, splendor, success and maturity. The admiration between architect and patron, two men sensitive to art and with great projects. You can enjoy the work of two great actors on the Catalan scene such as Ramon Madaula and Abel Folk with an excellent script by Francisco Orteu and a soundtrack by nüria Canturri.

El Crèdit

Versión en catalán de la adaptación audiovisual del éxito teatral de Jordi Galceran, interpretada por Jordi Bosch i Pere Ponce en la versión catalana. Esta producción de La Villarroel exhibido en Barcelona durante dos temporadas y en Madrid, en una producción en castellano, durante tres temporadas seguidas, con gran acogida por parte del público y de la crítica. La “TV movie” sigue siendo una historia rocambolesca, surrealista e impregnada de sentido del humor, que engancha desde el primer minuto.

El reparto de “El crédito” está encabezado por Jordi Bosch, que es el protagonista junto con Pere Ponce. Àngels Gonyalons, Agnès Busquets, Abel Folk, Alberto Salazar y Carla Schilt completarán el reparto del telefilme, interpretando aquellos personajes de los que se hablaba en la pieza teatral, pero que no aparecían.

Nominada a los Premis Gaudí a la Mejor Película para Televisión.


Based on the play by Pere Riera, author of the text and the film adaptation, together with Abel Folk the film we directed for television this political thriller produced by Televisión de Cataluña and Focus Audiovisuales with the participation of animals Films. Winner of 4 Remi Awards (Special Remi from the Jury, Remi for Josep Massager Art Direction, Remi for Best Actress Emma Vilarasau and Remi for Best Editing Joan Riedweg) at the prestigious and one of the oldest film festivals in the USA. The International Houston Film Festival.

A prestigious journalist faces the most important challenge of her career: the President of the Government has allegedly been involved in an aberrant matter and she has to interview him to discover the truth. But the president’s astute Press Secretary won’t make it easy for him. Minutes before the interview, the protagonist will be subjected to a Machiavellian game of mistakes and traps that will make her doubt her ethical and professional principles. The truth? It is what she seeks. But perhaps at the end of the play he will discover an unexpected truth. I do not pass on the President, but on herself.