Núria Canturri

Núria is a composer, writer, assistant director and editor. He has edited countless of the music videos I have directed and has been by my side since the creation, filming and final post-production of countless works in which we have teamed up together with Mercè Canturri.

Trabajos donde ha participado este/a artista o personalidad

Gaudí-Güell, un projecte comú


In 1878, at the Universal Exposition in Paris, a display case, made by Gaudí commissioned by the glove merchant Esteve Comella, was presented and was awarded the silver medal. Eusebi Güell was impressed when he saw her and, once in Barcelona, ​​he asked to be introduced to the author of that marvel,…




Based on the play by Pere Riera, author of the text and the film adaptation, together with Abel Folk the film we directed for television this political thriller produced by Televisión de Cataluña and Focus Audiovisuales with the participation of animals Films. Winner of 4 Remi Awards (Special Remi f…


Objectiu Pastorets


Objectiu Pastorets was a contest program broadcast on TV3 during Christmas that paid tribute to amateur theater and all those associations in Catalonia that represent “els Pastorets”, a function of centuries-old tradition that year after year are performed by all the theaters in the country. After a…


Videos donde ha trabajado este/a artista o personalidad