Pol Turrents

We have known each other for many years, we both coincide with our desire to investigate and experiment with digital technology. It all started with the appearance of the latest Sony Cine Alta HD model at the end of the last century (this sounds very old or very vintage but it is true), I had the opportunity to be one of the first to work with this camera model, the same one that Julio Medem used to shoot “Lucía y el sexo”, making the video clip for Vicente Amigo “Three notes to say I love you”. As a result of this clip I began to do endless lectures explaining my experience with the camera and the results obtained, in the first one I did there I met Pol and since then we have not stopped seeing each other and exchanging experiences, in fact he is the one cinematographer of the three films that I have co-directed with Abel Folk, and he has also participated as director of photography in musical works that I have done. Nowadays you can know about him since he is a crack in social networks – he is everywhere, you can look for him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, …; with the user @ polispol—; You can also read his articles at www.directordefotografia.com, according to him a blog for people who shoot that he created with our friend Gabi García where they relate all their experiences and put their knowledge at the service of the profession.

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Television headers for the Barcelona 2013 15th Fina World Championships


Direction of the television headers for the 15th Fina World Championships with A Punto la Pospo and in collaboration with Pol Turrents who did an excellent direction of photography. A work shot at the CAR of Sant Cugat with elite athletes and obviously a meticulous post-production of the image.


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