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BCN Shooping & Shooting short film competition

Creation and management of the short film competition for Cinema and Commerce to promote local commerce in Barcelona through the city’s Commercial Hubs. Participants have 5 days to make a 5-minute short with a keyword, a location and a store associated with Barcelona Comerç. Initiative that was born from the Creu Coberta Axis in 2013 and has been growing to this day with VI editions and is already preparing the VII. You can see the participating stores and the shorts on the <a href=””> contest website </a>. Take a look because you will surely like both the stores and the participating shorts.

Gaudí-Güell, un projecte comú

In 1878, at the Universal Exposition in Paris, a display case, made by Gaudí commissioned by the glove merchant Esteve Comella, was presented and was awarded the silver medal. Eusebi Güell was impressed when he saw her and, once in Barcelona, ​​he asked to be introduced to the author of that marvel, Gaudí. The relationship between Gaudí and Eusebi Güell, which began then, was not only a relationship between a client and an architect, but became a relationship of mutual admiration and shared hobbies. Güell understood the meaning of Gaudí’s architecture and gave him the opportunity to start his professional career, to develop the talent and artistic qualities he had. Thus, between Güell and Gaudí, a friendship was woven that | …


We appeared in the short film contest of the DIBA (Barcelona Digital Film Festival), we were excited to participate in the challenge of making a 6-minute short in 72 hours with the keyword “double”; After thinking about the matter, the dictionary did not give the clue to elaborate the script: «double: Adj. Inv. / s. com. Referring to the way of acting in a double way or with malice ”. I also wanted to pay tribute to the Russian filmmaker Lev Kuleshov, who in the 1920s showed an audience in front of a sequence in which the same shot of the actor Iván Mozzhujin was interspersed with those of a bowl of soup, a coffin and a girl playing. The | …