El Crèdit

Versión en catalán de la adaptación audiovisual del éxito teatral de Jordi Galceran, interpretada por Jordi Bosch i Pere Ponce en la versión catalana. Esta producción de La Villarroel exhibido en Barcelona durante dos temporadas y en Madrid, en una producción en castellano, durante tres temporadas seguidas, con gran acogida por parte del público y de la crítica. La “TV movie” sigue siendo una historia rocambolesca, surrealista e impregnada de sentido del humor, que engancha desde el primer minuto. El reparto de “El crédito” está encabezado por Jordi Bosch, que es el protagonista junto con Pere Ponce. Àngels Gonyalons, Agnès Busquets, Abel Folk, Alberto Salazar y Carla Schilt completarán el reparto del telefilme, interpretando aquellos personajes de los que se | …


April 23rd. Sant Jordi. An urbanization of semi-detached houses in the Vallès Occidental. The day lengthens, the good weather begins. The neighbors go out to fix the garden, to work the garden, to eat out. A Catalan middle-class family meets in the garden of Jordi and Carmen’s house.

El Crédito (pendiente de estreno)

Audiovisual adaptation of the theatrical success by Jordi Galceran, performed by Carlos Hipólito and Pere Ponce in the Spanish version. This production of La Villarroel was exhibited in Barcelona for two seasons and in Madrid, in a production in Spanish, for three consecutive seasons, with great reception from the public and critics. The “TV movie” is still a bizarre story, surreal and infused with a sense of humor, which hooks from the first minute. The cast of “El Crédito” is headed by Jordi Bosch, who is the protagonist along with Pere Ponce. Àngels Gonyalons, Agnès Busquets, Abel Folk, Alberto Salazar and Carla Schilt will complete the cast of the telefilm, interpreting those characters that were mentioned in the theater piece, | …


Based on the play by Pere Riera, author of the text and the film adaptation, together with Abel Folk the film we directed for television this political thriller produced by Televisión de Cataluña and Focus Audiovisuales with the participation of animals Films. Winner of 4 Remi Awards (Special Remi from the Jury, Remi for Josep Massager Art Direction, Remi for Best Actress Emma Vilarasau and Remi for Best Editing Joan Riedweg) at the prestigious and one of the oldest film festivals in the USA. The International Houston Film Festival. A prestigious journalist faces the most important challenge of her career: the President of the Government has allegedly been involved in an aberrant matter and she has to interview him to | …

2.304.400 pasos

Este documental sigue la gran aventura realizada en uno de los lugares más remotos y extremos del planeta. Una expedición integrada por Albert Bosch y Carles Gel cruza la Antártida desde la costa, y en total autosuficiencia, para conmemorar el centenario de la conquista del Polo Sur. La aventura se intensifica cuando tras un imprevisto Carlos debe abandonar habiendo recorrido tan sólo 30 de los 1.145 km. previstos. En este momento Albert lleva la experiencia al límite afrontando el reto solo. Documental disponible en FILMINCAT

Fes-la Brillant | Catalunya aixeca el teló

Promotional video of the Catalan theater with the intervention of all the companies that performed the 2013/14 season. Fes-la Brillant (Make it Bright) is an adaptation by Joan Vives of the famous song Always Look on the Bright Side of Life where each company performs a fragment. The end result is the participation of more than 300 well-known actors and a great promotion of the theater that takes place in Catalonia.

Television headers for the Barcelona 2013 15th Fina World Championships

Direction of the television headers for the 15th Fina World Championships with A Punto la Pospo and in collaboration with Pol Turrents who did an excellent direction of photography. A work shot at the CAR of Sant Cugat with elite athletes and obviously a meticulous post-production of the image.

Catalunya Aixeca el teló TNC

Direction of the show Catalunya Aixeca el Teló and production of all audiovisual content presented by Mag Lari and Mònica Pérez and with the participation of 400 actors from the entire Catalan cast. The proposal was to do a mapping, a lipdub and a flashmov in the same show with the participation of the entire audience. It was broadcast live on TV3 obtaining an exceptional audience result.

Objectiu Pastorets

Objectiu Pastorets was a contest program broadcast on TV3 during Christmas that paid tribute to amateur theater and all those associations in Catalonia that represent “els Pastorets”, a function of centuries-old tradition that year after year are performed by all the theaters in the country. After a fun casting, the lucky actors were selected who had to undergo a whole series of courses carried out by great professionals in TV3’s television studios, after preparations had been made for their representation before the public and a jury that would select the best to represent “Els Pastorets del S. XX”.

¿De qué va? (What’s it about)

A comedy program that presented the films that were broadcast on TV3 directed by Carles Capdevila. It was the first experiment before the APM, with the unmistakable style that characterized Carles, he made a humorous presentation of the film that was broadcast after the TN, with the voice of “Capde” (that’s how he liked to mention himself), showing some fragments Of the film mixed with funny clips taken from the networks and other competing networks, it provoked funny questions that gave more than staying in front of the television to see it. It was another Join-Adventure that I had with Carlos, we laughed a lot and experimented with a new way of doing television; months later they commissioned the APM | …

Efectes Secundaris

For this talk show I was responsible for making the videos and gags outside the program: false connections, news, video clips, dramatic comic sequences, …; quite a television challenge that I enjoyed a whole season.

El Capità Enciam (The Lettuce Capitain)

In 1994 I made the series El Capità Enciam (The Lettuce Capitain) produced by Sargantana Voladora for Televisión de Cataluña. A superhero (Pep Parés) magically appears when lumberjack Blay Brossa (Claret Papiol) makes an ecological mistake. The humorous series designed in short 5-minute episodes parodying superhero comics had a great audience success and the slogan was famous: “small changes are powerful”.