¿De qué va? (What’s it about)


A comedy program that presented the films that were broadcast on TV3 directed by Carles Capdevila. It was the first experiment before the APM, with the unmistakable style that characterized Carles, he made a humorous presentation of the film that was broadcast after the TN, with the voice of “Capde” (that’s how he liked to mention himself), showing some fragments Of the film mixed with funny clips taken from the networks and other competing networks, it provoked funny questions that gave more than staying in front of the television to see it.

It was another Join-Adventure that I had with Carlos, we laughed a lot and experimented with a new way of doing television; months later they commissioned the APM directly from TV3 with the same formula and style that it had, what is it about? With the line of the program that he carried out on Catalunya Radio, the formula obtained such overwhelming success to the point that, today, this program is still on air. I am proud to be part of the beginnings of this style of television.


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