31 May 2012


Based on the play by Pere Riera, author of the text and the film adaptation, together with Abel Folk the film we directed for television this political thriller produced by Televisión de Cataluña and Focus Audiovisuales with the participation of animals Films. Winner of 4 Remi Awards (Special Remi from the Jury, Remi for Josep Massager Art Direction, Remi for Best Actress Emma Vilarasau and Remi for Best Editing Joan Riedweg) at the prestigious and one of the oldest film festivals in the USA. The International Houston Film Festival.

A prestigious journalist faces the most important challenge of her career: the President of the Government has allegedly been involved in an aberrant matter and she has to interview him to discover the truth. But the president’s astute Press Secretary won’t make it easy for him. Minutes before the interview, the protagonist will be subjected to a Machiavellian game of mistakes and traps that will make her doubt her ethical and professional principles. The truth? It is what she seeks. But perhaps at the end of the play he will discover an unexpected truth. I do not pass on the President, but on herself.


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