El Crédito (pendiente de estreno)

28 September 2019


Audiovisual adaptation of the theatrical success by Jordi Galceran, performed by Carlos Hipólito and Pere Ponce in the Spanish version. This production of La Villarroel was exhibited in Barcelona for two seasons and in Madrid, in a production in Spanish, for three consecutive seasons, with great reception from the public and critics. The “TV movie” is still a bizarre story, surreal and infused with a sense of humor, which hooks from the first minute.

The cast of “El Crédito” is headed by Jordi Bosch, who is the protagonist along with Pere Ponce. Àngels Gonyalons, Agnès Busquets, Abel Folk, Alberto Salazar and Carla Schilt will complete the cast of the telefilm, interpreting those characters that were mentioned in the theater piece, but that did not appear.


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