Lo Puedo Conseguir – Camila Vargas (I can get it)

31 May 2012


This is the first music video for CHANCE, an 18-year-old singer-songwriter with a 72% degree of disability, due to a double lung transplant, a spinal operation and various kidney problems.

On December 4, 2013, her first Ep was presented: “I can get it”, the starting gun for the CHANCE Project, led by the mountaineer and entrepreneur Albert Bosch, the singer Mònica Sans and the producer and guitarist Luis Morate.

Sponsored by the SIFU Group Foundation, behind the project there is a whole group of people who have participated in a crowdfunding, impregnated by the enthusiasm and will to live of CHANCE.

Unfortunately, she left us on July 15, 2017, she was happy to have achieved her dreams and leaving us her good humor and the idea that life and your dreams are worth fighting for.

It was a pleasure to meet you and share your dreams, you made me very happy in this job seeing your ability to fight and positive energy. Camila, sing and be happy wherever you go. Rest in peace.


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