Els meus set cims, un camí per superar el càncer (My 7 summits, a way to overcome cancer)

30 June 2012


“It is true that I will be in the operating room in two days. It is true that the postoperative process will be very hard and I will need all my energies. But I have felt unable to stay home all weekend, tortured and drowned by the thoughts and predictions that have just opened up, and that must profoundly change my life, turning it upside down like a sock. And I think I got it right. I finish my fourteenth Matagalls-Montserrat in 17 hours and 42 minutes, far from my record of just over 13 hours, but I finish it, which is the most important. At this point I begin to intuit the path to follow to overcome the disease.

My Seven Summits, A Way to Overcome Cancer is a book and it is also a documentary where Joan Clofent and her family explain the process of the disease and how such a great spirit of overcoming it can deal with and overcome it. the.


An exceptional testimony about overcoming cancer through the mountains, and from the mountains through disease.


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