28 May 2006


We appeared in the short film contest of the DIBA (Barcelona Digital Film Festival), we were excited to participate in the challenge of making a 6-minute short in 72 hours with the keyword “double”; After thinking about the matter, the dictionary did not give the clue to elaborate the script: «double: Adj. Inv. / s. com. Referring to the way of acting in a double way or with malice ”. I also wanted to pay tribute to the Russian filmmaker Lev Kuleshov, who in the 1920s showed an audience in front of a sequence in which the same shot of the actor Iván Mozzhujin was interspersed with those of a bowl of soup, a coffin and a girl playing. The audience perceived that Mozzhujin’s expression changed in each sequence, which proved that montage has a great influence on the semantic understanding of what appears in a scene. Therefore, I wanted to go a step further by demonstrating that the same montage repeated twice and changing only some shots and especially the soundtrack, modifies the perception of the viewers to a surprising point. We shot using a tiny camera to go unnoticed, at breakneck speed, everything was filmed inside the Barcelona metro and we did it under the same conditions as all the contestants, without a budget and on the attack.

This short was worthy of the first prize of the contest and thanks to the enthusiasm and work of the entire team that participated. Thank you very much for the interpretation of Àurea Millan and Albert Estrenge, the unconditional help of Mercè Canturri in the production and Núria who, as always, is a perfect and exceptional assistant director when editing soundtracks.


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