Xtrems trailer




Aleix Alabareda | Àlex Casanovas | Anna Azcona | Clàudia Cos | Eduard Farelo | Joan Carlos Gustems | Joan Pera | Mar Ulldemolins | Marta Marco | Miquel Sitjar | Mireia Aixelà | Pep Planas | Sílvia Bel | Silvia Munt
Xtrems is a film based on real events, where fiction is put at the service of reality to show us the hell of lives that have been broken. From actual testimonial statements, a series of stories evolve in an interwoven way. Actors, characters and protagonists explain, in work in progress format, a series of “extreme” experiences that teach viewers what it means to fall and survive. The limits between reality and fiction disappear and they feed themselves to show us the excesses of apparently normal double lives. Stories full of humanity, errors, conflicts and confessions that force us to reflect. It received 11 nominations for the Gaudí Awards and has been selected and screened in many countries and festivals.